Founded by two art school graduates in a small Boston apartment in 2008, Infashuated was conceived with the premise of sharing the stories of smaller, unknown brands all over the U.S. and abroad. Our start stemmed from a penchant for fashion upon realizing the abundance of untold narratives of remarkable talent on a global scale. 

With nothing more than a laptop and Google, emerging designers were contacted far and wide for interviews and behind-the-scenes knowledge on their own infashuations and how their love for craft elicited successful journeys within varied markets involving fashion. 

In 2016, the brand has since evolved into an online fashion retail space to advocate and create a platform for independent and established labels in a new way. And as we’ve grown, we’ve maintained our commitment to disseminating the stories of brands we’ve followed, respected, and admired for years. In doing so, we aim to closely unite the public with the talented individuals that bring beauty and adornment to infashuated men and women everywhere.