Beauty Papers, Issue #2 : The Movement

Beauty Papers, Issue #2 : The Movement


Beauty Papers a creative biannual about the culture of beauty.

In this issue, Derek Ridgers captures the protest we wear on our faces and bodies. The visceral force of nature that is ballet, performance is expressed in stories from Isamaya Ffrench and Tom Johnson, Laurence Ellis, and the Royal Ballet’s Edward Watson.

Movement is undone, exaggerated, exploded. Personal journeys punctuate the issue, in which collaborators such as Sam McKnight, Stéphane Marais, Lisa Butler and Christiaan describe what moves them, the beautiful complexity of Sergei Polunin is captured by Paul Maffi, the fantastical staccato of repetition is interpreted by Marton Perlaki, and the quietly observed freedoms that are in the beauty of everyday people are celebrated in Ben Hassett’s street photography.

The joy of the moment, love and passion.

The tensions of race, gender, disruption.

Dreams are made and the classic definition of beauty is removed and challenged.

Contributors: Theo Adams, Claire Barrow, Marla Belt, Lisa Butler, Dario Catellani, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Christiaan, Clang, Grace Coddington, Aaron De Mey, Laurence Ellis, Rosemary Ferguson, Isamaya Ffrench, Pep Gay, James Gibbs, Molly Goddard, Inge Grognard, Ben Hassett, Tom Johnson, Kacper Kasprzyk, Benjamin Lennox, Maxine Leonard, Rudi Lewis, Paul Maffi, Stéphane Marais, Sam McKnight, Zanele Muholi, Susie Orbach, Dick Page, James Pecis, Marton Perlaki, Sergei Polunin, Benjamin Puckey, Derek Ridgers, The Royal Ballet, Ithai Schori, Holli Smith, Anna-Marie Solowij, Amy Troost and Edward Watson

200 pages, this issue is final sale.

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