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Peter Jensen's cult following is quite impressive with his iconic silhouettes draping celebs like Rihanna, Lena Dunham, Amy Winehouse, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lindsay Lohan, Kirsten Dunst, and Nicole Kidman. Jensen's humble and reticent nature are equally commendable characteristics, with several internationally renowned accolades under his belt and year-round media coverage from the likes of Vogue and WWD. 

We chatted with Jensen to discuss the history of the trademark Peter Jensen rabbit, the worldwide popularity of his Smock Shirt Dress, and his newfound fixation with all things Atlanta. 



Please give us a brief synopsis on the journey that led you to where you are today.
I’m not sure, how does a thing like this happen? A lot of work, love, and people. 

What's the story behind the signature Peter Jensen rabbit brand mark?
It really isn’t that a big of a story. He was a print from [the] SS02 Mildred collection and after that I found he was the perfect logo.

I had a knitted rabbit when I was a child and he was knitted by my mom. I loved being with him, it was like being in my own world. I would make wigs and cut out coloured paper and stick them on as make-up. It seemed perfect that the logo became a rabbit.


You said something very beautiful in your 2016 Kinfolk piece: "I think strong women buy my stuff." How do you envision the women that wear your work?
Very happy and placed. I thank all the lovely women that have loved my work over the years.

Why do you think the Smock Shirt Dress is such a popular item? What draws your audience to this silhouette?
Because it looks chic, thin or fat. I can only think, it must be nice to be wearing so much fabric around ones body. I had always loved the smock silhouette. I love drawing it and making it different from time to time. It has a power of freedom, I think.

What is your favorite piece in the latest SS18 collection?
I don’t really have one, I like all my children. Haha


"I’m not sure, how does a thing like this happen? A lot of work, love, and people."


There's a really beautiful cohesion between your work and accessories. Does this attention to detail stem from initial sketches, or are decisions made with the assistance of a stylist?
There is no rule really, it seems to happen on paper or when we start the styling.

How do you go about finding prints and materials for your collections typically?
Over the years, you build up a strong network and work with the same people.

You're known to have a very thoughtful list of amazing muses that have inspired your creativity and collections since the very beginning. With gender identity/fluidity being a larger worldwide discussion currently, how do you think this may influence your process in choosing future muses?
Hard to say. I have never really thought about these things, because I believe in humans and I don’t need to put labels on things to make them right.


Your collections are recognizable and need no introduction to those who are familiar with your style and approach. How do you maintain such a distinct voice in an industry that worships trends?
That's very kind of you. I can’t really say, I do what I like, so maybe this has something to do with it. 

What advice would you give to your younger self ten years ago? Ten minutes ago?
Drink more water.

What's next for the Peter Jensen?
Hmmm. Tight lunch now, but in the future, something is happening, but I can’t really say right now.

Peter Jensen  Pocket Shirt Dress

Peter Jensen Pocket Shirt Dress

Peter Jensen  Smock Shirt Dress

Peter Jensen Smock Shirt Dress


Rapid Fire

Latest obsession on the web (e.g., show, website, IG account, podcast, etc.)?
Atlanta Monster. So, so good.

Go-to for comfort food on your worst day?

Last gallery exhibit you attended (when and where)?
Alexandra Bircken at Studio Voltaire.

One thing you haven't done in life (yet) that will definitely happen before you're 100 years old.
Learn to sing.

Latest and greatest piece of furniture, office stationary, piece of art and/or book purchased recently? 
A set of teeth from a great secondhand shop in Atlanta.

Is Denmark really the happiest country in the world?
In one word, NO.

Cheers to Peter Jensen and this fantastic interview. Follow more of his work on Instagram and shop his collection on!