We welcome and encourage submissions. If you are a fashion designer, architect, artist, students, or creative and would like to have your work considered for Infashuated, please send an email following the guidelines listed below.



Infashuated accepts opinion articles on a broad range of topics. Submissions must be exclusive to Infashuated and suggested length is 700-800 words, though submissions of any length we will be considered. Please email your submissions and include ‘In-Writers’ in the subject line as well a price estimate. Given the volume of submissions we receive, we regret that we are unable to respond if your articles not selected for publication.



Please submit a description of your project or product along with high-quality images. Images should be formatted as .jpegs, .pngs, .tiffs, or .gifs and at least 750 pixels wide. Please do not submit images in PDF format. The more information provided, the better.

Please let us know if your submitted work was previously published. Each submission will be taken into consideration and receive a reply within 24 hours.