IN Interviews : Nikki Chasin


For the amount of talent and gained success so early in her career, Nikki Chasin is one of the loveliest and most humble human beings in the game right now. Emily Ruane of The Magazine introduced us to Chasin last fall and we couldn't get the young designer's SS17 collection out of our minds for weeks to come. 

With a classic aesthetic (the New York Times once described her work as, "A line worn by grandmothers and Miley Cyrus alike"), Ms. Chasin is making a name for herself that sets her apart greatly from the competition, while garnering attention from some very big names in the biz.



Plenty kids have that eureka moment, when they realize, β€œHey, I'm pretty good at this." What was your earliest moment?
I grew up in Miami, and as soon as I realized fashion design was a job, I wanted to do it. I applied to a high school with a design program, and went onto Parsons from there.

Would you say your designs inform your fabrics or vice versa?
I'd say the fabrics inform my designs.

What is the hardest part of your daily hustle and bustle?
It can be a physically demanding job, especially in getting big bolts of fabric to different factories around the city. 


When you were younger, what excited you most about being a fashion designer? What excites you now?
I was always excited about the ability to express myself through clothes. That still excites me, but the best feeling now is making other people feel great about themselves when they wear my clothes.

How do you feel about the current state of fashion as it relates to culture and social media?
It's going so fast! I hope things can slow down a bit.

160817 NKC  023B SS17 KV5A9639.jpg

"I was always excited about the ability to express myself through clothes. That still excites me ..."


How would you describe your frame of mind after completing your degree at Parsons? Did you have your soul set on starting your brand?
I think most students dream of starting their own brand. I imagined spending many years at different, bigger companies and then finally starting my own thing. But I worked a corporate design job for six months, and decided it wasn't for me!

160817 NKC  031B_02 SS17 KV5A8860_P.jpg

Talk about how you manage textures, colors, and patterns in your line. How do you work to keep your looks balanced?
I  like to play with wild prints and fabrics, but I try to make the bulk of the line pretty wearable. I use lots of neutrals with great texture to balance any crazy prints or textures.

As someone who has had much success, what would you say were the key stimuli in all of this?
I think patience is key in this industry! A great support system is also essential.


Rapid Fire

Your most coveted possession?
Movado watch that my father used to wear.
Favorite show as a kid?

Best fashion era?
20s, 70s.

Favorite song, from your favorite soundtrack?
This Time Tomorrow by The Kinks from The Darjeeling Limited.

One person with whom you're completely infashuated?
Lila Caracci from the Neapolitan Novels.

Thank you, Nikki Chasin for chatting with us about your beautiful work and the path that lead you to where you are today! See more of Nikki Chasin's collection in our store!