IN Interviews : The Apothecary Series


'Apothecary' used to mean combining a lengthy list of intricate ingredients such as herbs, minerals, and animal fats for ingesting, salves for topical use, and aromatics for aromatherapy. In considering what pharmacies in the past may have looked like in the olden days, many of us can only conjure up mental visuals of dusty floor-to-ceiling cabinets housing several rows of jars, with peculiar contents like leeches and questionable substances to tinctures of varying shapes and colors. Yet, many of these techniques, tools, and recipes are still in use today, albeit greatly edited, to address and honor the immediate needs of a larger audience. With autumn and the dry season quickly approaching, Infashuated collected an amazing set of products (and their brilliant makers) across the country to discuss their work as independent artisans in the apothecary industry during the Anno Domini era. With more knowledgeable consumers ditching mainstream products for superior personal-care that involve the purest ingredients, the need for quality goods from small-batch suppliers is at an all-time high.

Meet seven independent craftsmen (and women) who've mastered the craft and made names for themselves in the burgeoning market for self-care and clean living.



Biggest thanks to all the awesome people who took part in our series!